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Your website tender document: what to include?

How to write a website tender document? Suggested content:

  • Provide a description of your organisation and the services you offer.
  • Provide a summary of the reasons you would like a new website design. Perhaps outline the weaknesses of the current website and features you would like on your new website.
  • Describe the target group for your services and website, including their needs. How does your new website intend to serve the needs of your target group?
  • Provide an example site structure and a summary of the content that will be on the site. However, don’t get too attached to your proposed site structure; assume that the web developers you choose will suggest a different structure or a different way to organise the site content; it is their expertise after all that you are paying for.

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List any dynamic functionality you would like included, for example:

  • Video.
  • Photographs.
  • Illustrations.
  • Social media integration (i.e. Facebook badges, Like buttons, Twitter feeds).
  • Contact forms.
  • Booking forms.
  • Newsletter integration ( e.g. subscribe to a newsletter).
  • Discussion forum.
  • Events calendar.
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.
  • Blogs.
  • Online surveys.
  • Accessibility information/toolbars.
  • Password-protected members area.

Are you expecting the vendor to include time/cost of carrying out:

  • Usability/accessibility testing?
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Training?

Will you need:

  • Visitor statistics?
  • A print stylesheet?
  • Include information about how the contract will be awarded. For example, will there be interviews/presentations? On what basis will you be judging those who put in a proposal?
  • State that the finished website must comply with any legal requirements; i.e. it should be accessible to disabled people as that could contravene The Equality Act 2010.
  • State the accessibility requirements; In general this means adherence to the lastest WCAG Guidelines – minimum AA level and that the vendor should have an awareness of ISO 30071: 2019 digital accessibility standard.
  • Provide information about your design and branding, such as; colour schemes, logos and fonts.
  • Provide a list of appropriate websites that you like and what you like about them.
  • Say what information the tendering company should provide about themselves.
  • Provide a proposed timeline for the web design project.
  • Provide information about any specific website hosting requirements/expectations – if you have them.
  • Provide information about any specific website content management requirements if you have them.
  • Say whether you want to manage the website yourself or if you expect the web design company to do the updates.
  • Provide a closing date for tenders to be put in.
  • Provide a main contact person for the website tendering process. Say whether those putting in a tender are allowed to get in touch to ask questions? If answers are given, say whether, or not, they will be shared with the other tendering companies.
  • is there any particular format the tender documents should be in, for example, MS Word/PDF.

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