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ISO 30071: 2019 Digital Accessibility Standard – What is it?


An introduction to the ISO 30071: 2019 Digital Accessibility Standard.

ISO 30071 is a standard and a set of guidelines for managing diversity in the workplace. It aims to help organisations create a more inclusive, and by implication, more productive environment, for employees from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. In the UK, it replaces British Standard BS 8878.

The guidelines set out in ISO 30071 cover:

  • Language policy: How to develop a language policy that reflects the mix of languages within an organisation.
  • Recruitment and selection: This section is designed to ensure that recruitment and selection processes are inclusive, i.e., they do not discriminate against individuals based on their culture or their language.
  • Training and development: This section is about developing training and development programs tailored to the different needs of employees. For example, ensuring that cultural needs are being taken into account.
  • Communication and collaboration: How to promote effective communication and collaboration among employees from diverse cultural/linguistic backgrounds.
  • Performance management: This section is about ensuring processes related to the assessment of performance are fair and that they do not discriminate against employees based on their cultural and/or linguistic background.

What type of organisation does it apply to:

It applies to organisations of all sizes and types, regardless of their location or industry. It is particularly useful for those with a global workforce or those operating in multicultural environments.

ISO 30071 is a valuable resource for organizations that wish to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

By following the guidelines set out in the standard, organisations can create an environment where all employees feel valued and can contribute to the success of the organisation.

By following ISO 30071: 2019 guidelines, organisations can create an environment where all employees feel valued.

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