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We can install and setup Google Analytics for you

Google Analytics is a free, immensely powerful tool that helps you track and understand the way visitors interact with your website. If you are embarking on a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign – you are going to need Google Analytics (or a similar tool) to help you understand if your campaign is working or not.

Google Analytics tells you:

  • How people are finding your site: for example, what words or phrases they used when searching.
  • What website are linking to your site and which one’s are sending you the most traffic.
  • What links on your site get the most clicks.
  • Which are your most popular pages are.
  • The proportion between first time and returning visitors.
  • How long people spend on your site.

And much much more….

You can even track how people move through your site; what page they enter first, where they go from there and which page they exit from.

Google Analytics Helps you meet your goals

Using Google Analytics allows you to fine tune your website so that visitors do more of what you want them to do – whether that be filling in your contact form, registering for your newsletter or buying more of your products. For example if Google Analytics tells you what your most popular page is and your goal is to get people to fill in your contact form then you can, either add a form to that page or make the link to your contact form much easier to find on the page.

We can install Google Analytics for you and help you use it. Get in touch now.

Contact us today. We are hugely experienced award winning web designers and developers. Please read what our clients are saying about how we helped them meet their aims.

Or phone to talk over your ideas: 07810 098 119.

Take my Web Accessibility Online Training Course - WCAG 2.1 Compliance

Learn to design and manage WCAG compliant, accessible websites with my online course

You will learn both the techniques of accessible website design and an entire ‘framework for thinking about the subject’. It will equip you with the skills to understand, identify and fix issues any accessibility issues you come across. Watch the free videos to get a taste of what is on the course. Video image from Web Accessibility Online Training Course - WCAG 2.1 Compliance

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