Making Websites AccessiblePhoto: Making Websites Accessible 3rd Edition.

Written by Jim Byrne

Making Websites Accessible updates SAIF’s 2006 publication Making Ecommunication Accessible. The earlier publication is still available and still worth obtaining as it covers a wider range of e-communication topics.

Making Websites Accessible outlines guidelines for creating and maintaining accessible websites.

SAIF Publication ImageA supplement to the SAIF Standards for Disability Information and Advice Provision in Scotland

Written by Jim Byrne and Eva Bolander

Published by the Scottish Consumer Council, Royal Exchange House, 100 Queen Street, Glasgow G1 3DN.
ISBN 0-9551942-5-3 / 978-0-9551942-5-2

Scottish Accessible Information Forum, 2006.
First revised edition.
You may photocopy all or part of this publication, but please acknowledge the source.
First published 2002.

Scottish Consumer Council
Royal Exchange House
100 Queen Street
Glasgow G1 3DN
Tel: 0141 226 5261
Fax: 0141 221 0731
Minicom: 0141 226 8459


This document is available on request:

  • in braille,
  • in large print,
  • on audio tape/CD,
  • in electronic format,
  • on the World Wide Web.

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