Photo: Twitter for Voluntary, Charities and non-profits.Read chapter one online of, Twitter for charities, non profits and the voluntary sector – Everything you need to unlock the power of twitter for good.

"Essential reading for those in the Third Sector who need to know how to harness the power of Twitter." Tom Alcott, The Social Network Company.

You’ll learn why social networks are special, detailed Twitter mechanics as well as advanced strategies to grow a huge and dedicated following.

Twitter is a phenomena. It’s new and fast evolving – launched as a tool with no plan it quickly emerged as THE microblog platform on the web. BUT it is vast and quickly changing – this guide offers an easy way in to twitter, to maximise returns and to avoid the time-suck that poor social media is. Hat’s off to Jeremy & Jim for making it accessible and clear. Like a snow flake in an avalanche or a drinking from a fire hydrant it is easy to be overwhelmed by Twitter – but this book is clear about how to increase your signal to noise ratio, how to engage effectively and above all – how to get returns for your messaging so you are effective tweeter and not just a twit.
@Tom_Alcott, Tom Alcott, The Social Network Company.

As newcomers to tweeting ourselves at SAIF, but already with 545 followers (yah!), this book provides crucial advice on how to make the most of the Twitter phenomenon. And although we try our best, quite frankly, we still have a lot to learn which is where Jim’s book comes in.
@saifscotland, Susan Burn, SAIF Project Officer.

Jim and Jeremy have produced an indispensable guide to getting started with, using and getting the most from Twitter. As well as covering the basics of Twitter – how to create an account, how to set-up your profile to maximum effect and how/when/what to tweet – the manual provides a trove of hints, power tips and links to resources that will benefit any Twitter user.
@dancham, Dan Champion, Champion Internet.

I wish I had read this before I decided to make an account on twitter, it would have been so much easier to understand. The book is the ideal tool for people who don’t do social network sites. After reading the book I have decided to deactivate my initial attempts and follow the books direction. I never thought Twitter was such a powerful tool for charities and voluntary groups, the way you have explained the power and how charities can benefit from it is brilliant. I have many spent hours ploughing through funding searches, trusts and donors when all the time the very thing I was afraid of had all the answers and contacts. Jim thanks from converting the unconverted.
@BdaaTerry, Terry Moseley British Disabled Angling Association

Now I finally ‘get’ Twitter.This comprehensive yet readable guide is a must-read for anyone wanting to market anything using the medium of the ‘Twittersphere’.
@mrjtrading, Mick Wood, Web Hosting & Design for Christians

I can recommend this excellent guide having read through it myself. The guide is thorough and I am sure even seasoned tweeters will find interesting tips by reading it."
@eleanor_ila, Eleanor Lisney, Independent Living Aids and Equipment

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