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The website backup offer has now expired

A website backup offer has now expired – sorry about that. However, while you are here you should know that my area of expertise is in accessible website design and website accessibility auditing. And that I work with non-profits, charities, the voluntary sector and other third-sector organisations.

Is your website secure?

Websites seem to be getting hacked left, right and centre these days; which I have to say is extremely unsettling.

It’s unsettling for those just reading about it but more importantly those being hacked and their customers and clients.

With this in mind,I suggest that this would be a good time to try to make your own website a bit more secure. If your site becomes a host for Malware it will also be blacklisted by Google – which will inevitably undermine the credibility of your organisation.

Securi Services offer a solution

I’ve come to depend on a company called, ‘Securi Services‘ to protect my own sites. They have been involved in website security since 2004 and have developed expertise and powerful tools to monitor, protect and clean up sites.

They have also developed a unique plugin to help protect WordPress sites (which have a history of being hacked). Because of my own experience with them I have no hesitation in recommending them as a website security solution.

They offer the following services:

  • Site monitoring – for malware, blacklisting, DNS, WHOIS, SSL Certification, and site changes.
  • Detecting compromises and alerting site owners.
  • Removing malicious files: “70% of clients have their site clean and functional within 4 hours.”
  • An application firewall service. Designed to reduce the impacts introduced by software vulnerabilities and other online threats.
  • A website backup solution.

Take action now before it happens to you

You can of sign up for the services yourself or if you prefer I can install and manage the process for you (for an additional management fee).

ALERT: Here’s a deal for you. If you contact me in the next 24 hours to set up and get me to manage it for you, I will do it at cost price, i.e. no setup charge or management charge over and above the cost of the service itself. In subsequent years there will be a management fee (no setup cost of course).

Contact me today if you would like my help keeping your website secure.

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“The audit was extremely comprehensive, clear and demonstrated Jim’s expertise in the area of accessible web design.” Peter Madden, Project Manager, Sealed Envelope Ltd