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A website backup bargain: 3 months free backup gives you peace of mind

Online backup serviceAccording to website security firm Sophos*, 30,000 websites get hacked every single day. Big corporate sites get hacked and those are the one’s you hear about in the news, but most of those sites are small businesses sites — unwittingly working for cyber criminals.

Websites by non-profits are not exempt; most of this hacker activity is automated. There is no discrimination in terms of the type of site targeted; automated probes are sent out looking for site vulnerabilities and when the find them the site is hacked.

Most hackers are not interested in your data or defacing your website, they are interested in using your site to serve malicious files or to relay spam emails. This is disastrous for your site and your business because Google will blacklist your site; which basically means traffic to your site will plummet. Your credibility as a business is also likely to take a hit as anyone looking for your site via Google will get a warning that your site is infected and dangerous to visit.

You need to backup your website to protect your content and your business

It is common practice for hackers to not only add files to your server but to inject malicious code into the files that are already there. So not only will you need to close any security holes in your website scripts but you will also need to reinstate your files from a clean backup.

Reduce the worry of a drop in traffic and credibility with this offer

Our backup service is already incredibly good value (normally £120pa) – so this offer the is a great opportunity to start protecting your site from today. Daily backups with up to seven days of your content available to restore at any time. Get daily backups (includes your database) for only £90 for a full year.

Easy website backups; including for WordPress websites

  • Backup software and service installation is free.
  • We do the setup for you.
  • We also backup WordPress sites and install a plugin that keeps you up to date with information about your last backup.
  • We can take a snapshot of your content (if requested).
  • You can restore your entire site or individual files.
  • You get peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong your data is safe.

*Saphos Security Threat Report 2014

Is your website secure?

Websites seem to be getting hacked left, right and centre these days; which I have to say is extremely unsettling.

It’s unsettling for those just reading about it but more importantly those being hacked and their customers and clients.

With this in mind,I suggest that this would be a good time to try to make your own website a bit more secure. If your site becomes a host for Malware it will also be blacklisted by Google – which will inevitably undermine the credibility of your organisation.

Securi Services offer a solution

I’ve come to depend on a company called, ‘Securi Services‘ to protect my own sites. They have been involved in website security since 2004 and have developed expertise and powerful tools to monitor, protect and clean up sites.

They have also developed a unique plugin to help protect WordPress sites (which have a history of being hacked). Because of my own experience with them I have no hesitation in recommending them as a website security solution.

They offer the following services:

  • Site monitoring – for malware, blacklisting, DNS, WHOIS, SSL Certification, and site changes.
  • Detecting compromises and alerting site owners.
  • Removing malicious files: “70% of clients have their site clean and functional within 4 hours.”
  • An application firewall service. Designed to reduce the impacts introduced by software vulnerabilities and other online threats.
  • A website backup solution.

Take action now before it happens to you

You can of sign up for the services yourself or if you prefer I can install and manage the process for you (for an additional management fee).

ALERT: Here’s a deal for you. If you contact me in the next 24 hours to set up and get me to manage it for you, I will do it at cost price, i.e. no setup charge or management charge over and above the cost of the service itself. In subsequent years there will be a management fee (no setup cost of course).

Contact me today if you would like my help keeping your website secure.

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