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Test the accessibility of your web page with your own web browser

Published: August 19, 2014

It seems to be a little known fact – but it is worth remembering – that almost all Web browsers allow you to change the text size, font, colour and background colour of the web pages you visit.

Try experimenting with the setting in your own browser; check how your pages look with much larger or smaller text, or a different text/background combination. And even more importantly, check if the page design allows these attributes to be altered at all.

If they can’t be altered (perhaps because you have spent time trying to force the page to look the same on everybody’s screen), then this should alert you to the fact that your pages may not be as accessible as you thought.

An important aspect of accessible web design is giving users the ability to change the presentation of the page to suit their own needs – if they can’t do that then this should alert you to accessibility issues with your site.

Website and document accessibility auditing

If you require a more comprehensive and authoritative audit of your website or your documents (for example, checking the accessibility of your PDF’s) then please get in touch as that is exactly what we do. We’ve been very very good at it since 2005.

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“The audit was extremely comprehensive, clear and demonstrated Jim’s expertise in the area of accessible web design.” Peter Madden, Project Manager, Sealed Envelope Ltd