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Accessible WordPress Webinar: Download The Slides

I recently did a Webinar about how to keep your WordPress website accessible – for Jisc RSC Scotland. Jisc RSC Scotland provide guidance and advice on technology to support learning, teaching and research in FE and HE in Scotland.

This was the blurb for the Webinar:

“WordPress is now the world’s most popular content management system. What’s not to like? It’s open source, free and has an infinite number plugins that will do just about anything imaginable. I’m using it myself and I suspect your institution is to.

So, we are all on the WordPress bandwagon. Having jumped on board there is one subject we are now going to have to face up to; accessibility. Does WordPress help us create websites that don’t discriminate against a section of our audience? What tools, if any, are available to help us? What are the potential problems?

In this Webinar we will explore just that very topic; how to develop and manage an accessible website using WordPress.”

Download a PDF of the Webinar slides (350k)

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