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E-commerce and Shopping Cart Integration

We can help you get your website connected with accessible e-commerce systems

Many organisations are now looking to take payment and donations on line. We have the expertise in this area to help you:

  • Process donations online; single payments of direct debit style recurring payments.
  • Develop an online shop.
  • Develop accessible payment systems for a host of different applications such as events, conferences and donations.
  • Donations systems for charities.
  • Annual memberships payment systems and direct debit payments.
  • Integration with payment systems such as Worldpay, Paypal and other payment processing services.

There is a market for accessible e-commerce

In the UK disabled people make up more than 12% of the population. With more than £50 billion disposable income to spend they are a significant part of the market for goods and services.

From a business point of view accessible e-commerce systems provide access to a larger market and potentially greater revenue sources. That is why using accessible shopping cart and e-commerce systems is important; barring a proportion of the population from online commerce isn’t good for business and clearly isn’t good for the consumer.

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