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Jim Byrne Accessible Website Design Glasgow for The Third Sector, Voluntary, Charities and Not for Profits

Accessible, Responsive Website Design
Jim Byrne Web Designer

Website services for Charities, Voluntary and not-for-profit sector

Website Design Services – Beautiful, responsive, mobile friendly, feature-rich and easy to manage. That’s the kind of website you need.

Jim Byrne's Guide To Creating A More Accessible Website

Website Design Services for Charities, Voluntary and Not for profits

  • Every website is custom designed to reflect your brand and to directly meet your needs.
  • We specialise in working with not-for-profits and we understand the unique concerns of this sector. Organisation we work with include the voluntary sector, charities, local government and education.
  • With over two decades of experience, Jim Byrne is one of the UK’s most knowledgable and respected practitioners in the area of accessible web design. Jim provided feedback during the development of WCAG 2 as part of the Guild of Accessible Website Designers. He is the author of a number of technical books, training courses and accessibility guides. He is a winner of the equal access category of the Global Bangemann Challenge.

Contact Jim Byrne Accessible Website Design

“I have vast confidence in Jim’s abilities, and am frankly quite amazed that he met all of our very demanding requirements so quickly and so professionally! Many developers claim to have knowledge in these areas, but in my experience, very few if any have the practical knowledge and pragmatic approach that Jim has. I would advise any organisation looking for a high quality accessible website to talk to Jim. You won’t be disappointed (he’s also incredibly easy to work with).” Jane Hatton, Founder/Director, Evenbreak.