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Jim Byrne Accessible Website Design Glasgow for The Third Sector, Voluntary, Charities and Not for Profits

Accessible, Responsive Website Design
Jim Byrne Web Designer

Training course: Accessible HTML and CSS

This course is suitable for:

For web developers or designers who want to know more about how to create accessible samantically correct HTML and CSS. The course assumes you already know the basics of HTML.

Suitable for people who work in the public sector or private sector, e.g Local council, voluntary sector or corporate environment. If you would like to create standards compliant accessible web pages this is a suitable course for you.

At the end of the course

  • Understand DOCTYPES, standards mode and quirks mode
  • Be able to create page layouts using CSS
  • Test for browser support using conditional statements
  • Create CSS based navigation bars
  • Be able to create flexible and fixed page layouts using CSS
  • Understand how a style sheet switcher works
  • Be able to create accessible flexible text

What you take away with you

Full notes from the course – with examples, exercises and lists of resources


£350 per person.

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