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Jim Byrne Accessible Website Design Glasgow for The Third Sector, Voluntary, Charities and Not for Profits

Accessible, Responsive Website Design
Jim Byrne Web Designer

Training: Accessible Web Design In Practice

This course is suitable for:

Both beginners and experienced web developers will get a lot out of this course.

Suitable for people who work in the public sector or private sector, e.g Local council, voluntary sector or corporate environment. If you would like to create standards compliant accessible web pages this is a suitable course for you.

About the course

A 1 or 2 day course that delivers both the required background understanding and the practical techniques required to create an accessible website. About the course

The training is aimed at helping publishers manage their web content in a more efficient and flexible manner; accessible web design is about more than learning individual HTML techniques (although you learn the techniques as well). Accessible web design is about understanding how to manage and publish web content in the most flexible way – cutting down the work web publishers have to do to reach their widest possible audience.

The practical hands-on aspects of the course are more ‘topic’ based, for example,

  • How do you make PDFs
  • Accessible web typography
  • How to make forms accessible
  • Making pages accessible for people with particular impairments
  • Accessible Web Scripting and issues with ‘Web 2’ applications
  • Accessible multimedia
  • Accessible data tables
  • Accessible page links
  • Colour and contrast issues

The topics covered will depend on your requirements and the time available on the day.

The course is taught in a very ‘interactive’ manner – questions and discussion are the basis of the learning – with frequent reviews of what has been learned to facilitate understanding and recall.

Resources to take away with you

In addition to the training itself, all course participants will take away extensive notes and a resource list for further study. A 96 page training manual is provided which contains detailed information relating to all of the topics covered on the course and also topics that are not included due to time constraints.

A copy of my book ’60 hot to touch Accessible Web Design tips’ will also be provided.

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