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Jim Byrne Accessible Website Design Glasgow for The Third Sector, Voluntary, Charities and Not for Profits

Accessible, Responsive Website Design
Jim Byrne Web Designer

Accessibility Auditing Against WCAG 2.1 & WCAG 2.2 – And Website Design UK, Scotland, Glasgow

Published: June 12, 2013

Jim Byrne is a specialist in accessible website design, training and accessibility auditing for the not-for-profit, education, public and third sector. An award-winning website developer, website accessibility training provider and WCAG 2 expert.

Working with non-profits, charities, voluntary and public sector organisations and social enterprises for over 20 years. Jim set up one of the worlds first website accessibility web agencies in the mid 1990s. Get in touch today to take advantage of unrivalled experience and skills in the area of accessible website design and WCAG 2 auditing. A website designer based in Glasgow but with clients all over the UK.

Jim Byrne Accessible Website Design – A winner of many national and international awards including:

Winner – Best Charitable Website Design Specialist 2019

SME Award: Best Charitable Website Design Specialist 2019 - Scottish Enterprise Awards

Accessible website design awards

  • Best Accessible Web Design Company in the UK Research and Development Awards 2023!
  • Best Web Design Agency, Scottish Lowlands, Corporate Vision MarTech Awards 2022.
  • Winner of ‘Best Charitable Website Design Specialist 2019’.
  • Winner of the Global Bangemann Award in 1999
  • Breakthrough Award for The Lothian Centre For Independent Living online help service.

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Strathclyde University

Jim provided us with auditing and training services to help the University’s websites and applications meet new government regulations on digital accessibility. His reports were extremely thorough, and have provided an excellent basis for the University to offer better services to students, staff and the public. The training offered gave our staff an excellent insight into designing and developing for users with special requirements, and we look forward to providing an accessible digital experience to all users thanks to Jim’s help and expertise.
Ralph Mackenzie, Front-End Website Designer/Developer, University of Strathclyde

Website Accessibility Auditing – WCAG 2.1 and WCAG 2.2 Checks

A website access audit checks that your website is accessible to disabled people (a legal requirement outlined in the Equality Act 2010). Our website auditors are the most experienced and skilled in the UK; we will check your site against the WCAG 2.0 guidelines and check that your site is compliant with the BS8878 Web Accessibility Code of Practice. Our audits go way beyond tick box checks; they check that your site is accessible and will be usable to the real people who visit your site.

Document accessibility compliance (PDF, Doc) It is also a legal requirement that the Word and PDF documents you provide via your website are accessible. Contact us today to take advantage of our unique expertise in this area.

Accessibility statements – do you need to have one on your website?

Accessible Website Design Training

Contact me and ask about my in-house and online accessible web design training.

This training is suitable for people who work in the public sector or private sector, e.g., Local councils, education, voluntary sector organisations, charities and corporates. If you would like to create standards-compliant accessible web pages this is the course for you.

Learn to design and manage WCAG compliant, accessible websites with my online course

You will learn both the techniques of accessible website design and an entire ‘framework for thinking about the subject’. It will equip you with the skills to understand, identify and fix issues any accessibility issues you come across. Watch the free videos to get a taste of what is on the course.

Video image from Web Accessibility Online Training Course - WCAG 2.1 Compliance

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Alternative access to client feedback

“The audit was extremely comprehensive, clear and demonstrated Jim’s expertise in the area of accessible web design.” Peter Madden, Project Manager, Sealed Envelope Ltd