Live on-site web accessibility audit with training

This course is suitable for:

For experienced web developers.

Suitable for people who work in the public sector or private sector, e.g Local council, voluntary sector or corporate environment. If you would like to create standards compliant accessible web pages this is a suitable course for you.

About the course

This is a unique service provided that provides training and a ‘live’ technical audit of your website with your web development team.

  • Half-day training in relation to the ideas and techniques of accessible web design.
  • A ‘live’ audit carried out on-site with your web development team and web editors.
  • The process involves assessing the website against each of the W3C WCAG checkpoints – in an informal group environment. This allows discussion, instant clarification of points made, and means questions can be asked related to access issues as they arise.
  • You will receive a detailed report and a checkpoint table with a summary of whether your site passed or failed on each checkpoint.
  • Website developers will be armed with an understanding of the importance of accessible web design and be motivated to make the required changes to the website.
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