Logo and brand development information

Areas we will analyse as part of the logo/branding development incude:

  • History of the organisation
  • Target client group/market
  • Services or products provided
  • Existing branding
  • Your Competitors
  • Market research and marketing strategies

We will undertake a thorough briefing process to ensure a successful outcome:

1 Understanding the task

A graphical logo must effectively reflect the position of your organisation within the appropriate markeplace/area.

2. Understanding how the logo will be used

A logo must be suitable for print, organisational literature, advertising material and website use.

3 Completed in time

We will agree a timeline for mockups and completion of the project.

4 Budget

The project will be completed within your budget constraints.

5 Design constraints

Design will work within constraints such as required use of existing colour scheme.

6 Evaluation

The Evaluation and final acceptance of the logo with be made by the commissioning organisation/client.

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