A new website design for The Scottish Accessible Information Forum (SAIF)

Photo: Scottish Accessible Information Forum (SAIF) website screenshot.

SAIF aims to make information more accessible to those who needs it. Supporting the rights of disabled people and carers in having access to timely and accurate information about a wide range of services.

  • Modern looking design appropriate to the sector.
  • Well organised with simple to use navigation.
  • Accessible to the widest possible audience (with the ability for users to change the size of the text on the site)
  • A simple high-contrast layout as an alternative to the main layout; the alternative layout needed to be always as up to date as the default layout.
  • SAIF now update the site themselves using the provided content management system; lower site management costs and give them complete control of the website
  • A way to present and manage and publish their documents – which are generated in HTML, PDF and Word format.
  • A way to publish and manage the minutes of the SAIF sub-groups.
  • Easy for people to find the SAIF contact details.
  • Ability to publish and manage the latest SAIF news and events
  • A way for people to register for their newsletter
  • Sign language video to the site.

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Jim has worked with the Scottish Accessible Information Forum, (SAIF) for over 10
years and we regard him as our resident expert on accessibility and the web. Last
year, Jim redesigned our website to give it a fresh new look while keeping
accessibility as a priority. He is always willing to help out with any questions we
have and gets back to us promptly with a solution. We would have no hesitation
recommending him to other organisations, and we frequently do whenever we get the

Susan Burn, Project Development Officer, SAIF.

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