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.scot domain launched. Is it for you?

Yippee! Scotland now has it’s own .scot domain suffix. From September you will be able identify your website (and email address) as being distinctly Scottish. That may or may not be useful to your organisation.

Deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon certainly seems happy

“It is entirely right that Scotland should have its own distinctive and recognisable Internet domain, in particular one that will resonate internationally, helping to promote Scottish business and culture throughout the world.”

Only time will tell if .scot becomes a well used and well known doman suffix like .com or However, even if you decide that you are unlikely to use it – it might still be an idea to reserve your .scot domain. Otherwise it could be registered by someone else and it could be expensive to purchase it back – assuming you can get it back.

That would be my advice anyway. Get in touch if you would like help to register a .scot domain name.

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