Case Study: Womens History Scotland Website

Image: Womans History Scotland.

The website promotes study and research into the history of women
working in Scotland or working on Scottish themes.

The brief was to keep the navigation and layout as simple and
uncluttered as possible, while still providing access to a wide
range of information and resources (nothing new there).

A notable feature of the site is the database of biographies of
Scottish women relevant to the history curriculum in Scottish
schools. This has been developed to make it easy to add to and
modify entries in the future.

The biographies had to be created in line with Learning and Teaching
Scotland’s requirements. As they have an application on their
website that links into the individual entries.

Features of the new site include:

  • A way to upload the new editions of the Scottish Womens History newsletter.
  • A page to display forthcoming events.
  • The use of the accessible content management system QnECMS so that members of Scottish Womens history group could manage the websites themselves.

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