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Orro Contemporary Jewellery

SEO Case Study: ORRO Contemporary Jewellery

Orro Contemporary JewelleryAt the start of 2014 we redesigned the ORRO Contemporary Jewellery website and we were subsequently commissioned to provide search engine optimisation for the site. Since then traffic has steadily increased and ORRO has received significantly more business as a result.

“We’re delighted by the response and I reckon internet sales have accounted for between 10 and 20 % of overall sales each month since this time last year.

90% of existing customers have been on the website prior to a visit, to clue up/browse and a similar percentage of new customers visiting the shop are as a direct consequence of Google searches taking them to our site in the first place! Brilliant…”
Neil Smith ORRO Contemporary Jewellery

Just some of the work we carried out on the ORRO website:

  • Writing an initial report outlining changes that could be made to the site that would help it be found by search engines.
  • Testing ORRO’s suggested keywords and phrases and then choosing 5 initial phrases that proved to be the strongest. Simple phrases such as ‘engagement rings’ were not chosen because there was far too much competition; ranking highly for such popular phrases is very difficult. 
  • The keywords were not set in stone; but were chosen as a starting point – as they are all strong keyword phrases that don’t have huge amounts of competition.
  • We then setup the client SEO control panel so that ORRO could check the monthly reports and use the tools to optimise content for their keywords and to take advantage of our social media related features.
  • We updated titles and keyword phrases and descriptions for the main section pages and for all the Jewellery pages.
  • We spent time speeding up the site up by installing caching software and making other server and setup changes.

We installed:

  • Google Analytics so we could get a sense of the traffic coming to the site and what pages are visited.
  • A WordPress SEO plugin to help optimise each page and to get a better idea of what search engines see when they visits the site.

We provided custom guidance:

We provided guidance with suggested tasks ORRO themselves could work on – here is a an example of guidance provided to ORRO:

“Write content pages for each of the chosen phrases. The idea is that each section page has links to related content pages and there are links from those content pages back to the main sections/category pages. For example write a page with the title, ‘Contemporary Jewellery Glasgow’. This could be about your thoughts on contemporary Jewellery design – or about you and how you got in to the business of selling contemporary jewellery. As long as it’s readable and includes the phrase ‘Contemporary Jewellery Glasgow’ at least three times on the page.”

Some website owners are not comfortable writing their own content so we also provide an affordable copywriting service.

Given the visual nature of ORRO’s products we also suggested heavy use of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and latterly Instagram to encourage ‘word of mouth’ sharing and to help spread the word about ORRO’s stunning jewellery designs.

If you want more traffic to your website get in touch today; we can help. Read more about our SEO service including cost.

Orro Contemporary Jewellery GPS Directions

Contact us today. We are hugely experienced award winning web designers and developers. Please read what our clients are saying about how we helped them meet their aims.

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Accessible Website Design and SEO

Accessible website design and search engine optimisation are related disciplines; Google ‘sees’ a website in the same way a screen reader does; i.e. as a structured document with hierarchical headings, with links that need to make sense when read out of context and with images that make more sense when they have labels attached to them. Our skills in accessible website design give us a head start when optimising sites to be found by search engines.

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